POHW After Poster

By:Carson Torzsa

1) Hollis' Outlook on Life

In the end, she is happy to be a part of the Reagan family. pg.162- "Do you think I could come home?"

2) Josie's memory loss

In the end, Josie's memory loss gets worse and worse. pg. 82- "I had to tell her again that if we didn't leave I would have to go to a different home, that really motivated her."

3) Hollis and Josie's relationship

In the end, Hollis trusts Josie now because they have gotten to know each other now. pg.74- "I couldn't leave Josie."

4) Hollis' attitude

In the end, Hollis' attitude is way better than it was in the beginning. "She is very grateful and caring. pg.115- I wished I could get Josie a present"

5) Hollis and the Mustard Lady

In the end, the mustard lady and Hollis started to being nice to each other. pg.165-"They sometimes stop by and say hello and smile at me"

6) The Old Man and Steven

In the end, Steven and the Old Man argue a lot more than before pg.164- "They still argue, sometimes so loudly I put my hand over my ears."

7) Josie and Beatrice

In the end, the unite back with each other when Hollis goes back to the Reagan's. pg.161-"I've been so worried"