British Police

Conditions of service


  • £28,605 on commencing service

salary progression

  • £31,176 on completion of initial 31 weeks' training
  • £32,610 after two years' probationer training.

work hours and shift patterns

  • varies but may be 2 days 2 evenings, 2 nights and 4 days off.
  • Annualised hours - choose how to spread an agreed number of hours across a year
  • Compressed hours - work slightly longer days in return for extra time off
  • Flexi time - vary your start, finish and break times to suit your life needs
  • Part-time working
  • Term-time work - take extra unpaid time off to cover the school holidays.


22-30 days paid leave for holiday and/or sick time.


You will be posted to the area that the force that you join control e.g. if you join the met you will bed posted to london.

basic training period

19 weeks of varying tasks e.g. physical tasks and community postings.

additional training available.

after up to two years you can apply for more specialist trainige.g. fire arms or public order training.