MIHS-Physical Education

Ms. Moore

Introduction and Philosophy

Hello! My name is Ms. Moore and I will be teaching your son/daughter in Physical Education this semester. I graduated from Edinboro University with a BS is Health and Physical Education, coached JV volleyball here at McDowell and this is my first year year teaching.

Philosophy: I believe the students should be able to learn in a healthy environment under conditions that provide them opportunities that support their personal, intellectual, and social development. The classroom should be a comfortable, supported, nurturing environment. I believe that not only the teacher, but also the students should be presenting the information to their peers. Group interaction and hands-on activities are essential to an active learning environment. I believe all students should be able to express learning in their own unique way. The classroom should be judge-free, where all students are respected for their opinions, beliefs, and culture. I believe schools should be supported by the community and students should be involved in their community as well. The physical education environment should be a professional, motivating, and creative space for all children to collaborate and establish health and lifelong learning skills.

Expectations and Rules

Students must wear the MIHS physical education uniform, which can be purchased at the main front desk for $12. Student will lose points if they forget and must borrow a uniform. Sneakers must be worn as well. Grading is based on uniform, participation, and a small portion on the physical tests. Students will be given a locker and lock, which they are responsible for.

Rules: Be Respectful, Be on Time and Prepared, Try Your Hardest!

My information

You can email me or reach me over the phone if you have any questions. Thank you, and I look forward to teaching your son/daughter.

Parent Night

Wednesday, Sep. 4th, 7pm

3740 W 26th St

Erie, PA

Come see what your students will be participating in, meet me, and get to know the facility more!