Auto Insurance

Purchase Auto Insurance Policies Online

Using a vehicle has become an absolutely essential requirement in today’s time. With the different car dealers offering their services online, it has become easier for people to find out the details of different car models that are available in the market as well as their prices. This has made it extremely easy for people who want to purchase vehicles, as they do not have to waste time visiting the car outlet to view the different car models.

One of the most important things that a person has to do after purchasing their vehicle is to get an adequate auto insurance policy. These policies which are also known as vehicle/car or motor cover plans that are offered for trucks, cars as well as other road vehicles. This is however different from a two-wheeler coverage policy that is for different two-wheelers such as motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, etc.

These policies are a compulsory requirement by law; both for commercial as well as personal use vehicles.

It can broadly be divided into public as well as private providers. Out of the two types, private sector providers are known to be far more popular.

Auto insurance in India can broadly be divided into different categories in India:

1) Private Car Insurance: One of the fastest growing sectors, this type of coverage is compulsory for every car owner to have. The premium amount that needs to be paid is determined by the value and make of the car, year of its manufacture and even the state where it was registered.

2) Two Wheeler Insurance: This type is popular in India owing to the high amount of two-wheelers on the road. These policies are known to offer accidental covers for the drivers of the two-wheeler.

3) Commercial Vehicle Insurance: These types of policies are meant to provide coverage for all the commercial vehicles that are used in the country. Trucks, taxis and HMV’s are included under this category. The amount of premium that has to be paid depends on the showroom price of the vehicle; right from the beginning of the policy term.

These policies of course are known not to cover certain factors such as nuclear perils, vehicles outside the geographical area and drunken driving. There are also different claims that a person can avail. These include theft claims, accidental or even third party claims.

In order to avail these policies there are many different documents that are required.

Some of them include a copy of one’s driving licence, FIR copy, RC copy of the vehicle, Original estimate and policy copy. Some of the different policies specify the different circumstances for which each item is covered. This may include a vehicle that is insured against fire damage, theft or accidental damage.

While people are usually required to visit the company where they could purchase their policies; it has become a very popular trend for people to purchase their auto insurance online. People can find out the details of different plans that are offered by many providers easily and even make a comparison between the different plans.