First 6 Weeks

What's Happening in Family Engagement and Community Outreach

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Welcome Back to School HEB ISD Families!

The end of the second week of school is near and my team and I all hope that it has been a huge success for everyone involved. We have many great things for families coming up this fall so I want you to know all about them early on. Be sure to mark your calendars for the events that interest you.

Introduction to HEB ISD for Families Speaking Languages Other Than English

HEB ISD Parent Academy Registration Is Now Open!

Raise your hand if you like to learn new things! If so, then HEB ISD Parent Academy is for YOU! Part of our mission includes helping parents and family members learn more about a variety of things ranging from parenting skills and discipline to strategies for helping children at home and everything in between! We have orientation tonight and GRADUATION on May 19th. If you cannot make orientation tonight, then you can come on 09/09/19 at 6:00. Start earning your credit now and register for Parent Academy at

HEB ISD Department of Family Engagement, Community Outreach, and Teacher Support

Vision: Engaging Families, Schools, & Communities to Support Student Achievement for 21st Century Success

Mission: The mission of the Family Engagement, Community Outreach, and Teacher Support Department is to develop partnerships that connect, educate, and engage families, schools, and communities to ensure that each student is empowered to today to excel tomorrow.