Simple, beautiful, videos.

At Animoto, we live by two basic philosophies: make it simple, and make it beautiful. And we're proud to offer you the simplest way to create the most beautiful videos online, whether for yourself, your friends, your family, or your business.

How does Animoto work?

Animoto uses images, video clips, and music to create a one of a kind Animoto video. Because Animoto uses Cinematic Artificial Intelligence it is unlike slideshows, it does not use templates.

What can it do for teachers and students!

Animoto can be used in education for countless projects and presentations. Students can use the tool to present a concept. A teacher could use the video as an introduction to a lesson. A teacher could also use the tool to teach a concept or the tool itself to other educators.

Animoto has four different pricing plans.

  1. a 14 day free trial
  2. the personal package where you are billed monthly at rate of $9.99
  3. the professional package where you are billed monthly at a rate of $19.99
  4. the business package where you are billed monthly at a rate of $29.99

Why Animoto?

Animoto breaks the mold from the traditional slideshow and allows anyone the opportunity to create professionally produced videos. With the help of the revolutionary web application, businesses can better promote their products, photographers can showcase their client's pictures in a customized way, and non-for-profit organizations can enhance their campaigns. Each Animoto video is completely unique and never duplicated--even if the same song and images are chosen

In 2009, Animoto received $4.4 million in series B funding from Madrona Venture Group, Amazon, SoftTech VC, Bruce Livingstone. By 2011, the company raised $25 million in series C funding led by Spectrum Equity Investors, Madrona Venture Group and Amazon.
Animoto - In 60 Seconds

Animoto Example Video