Technology in Education

February, 5th 2014

Why this is important.

It is important to put technology in schools across the world because it can make learning easier, more fun, and important to use in school to further drive education across the world.


Using technology with education is happening everywhere in the united states and other countries as well and that it will continue to grow for years to come.

Why is this day a big deal?

This day is a big deal because it reminds us of technology and how it helps us out daily at school or at home and why it is important to use it more in the classroom from devices such as laptops to Ipads they have helped students and teachers increase education and it is only just the beginning of using technology in schools across the nation.

Technology in Education

Thanks for looking at my flyer and enjoy technology inside and outside of school it really can help you with your homework or a quick question technology can do it all.