Drawing Media

Mark Making

The medium of drawing can be used to make quick sketches in a sketch diary as notes for later use, or can be used as the medium for a completed work of art.

Quick simple drawings used as visual notes are often referred to as thumbnail sketches, or studies. The definition of drawing, according to Duane Preble, is:

"To pull, push, or drag a marking tool (such as a pen, pencil, or charcoal stick) across a surface to leave a mark or line."

As we discussed earlier, the textural surface (the tooth) of a sheet of paper breaks off bits of graphite or other media and deposits them onto the surface of the paper. Some drawings by great artists, such as Picasso or Matisse, can look deceptively simple, because they consist of only a few simple lines.


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Drawing with charcoal - General overview

Additive and Subtractive Marks with Vine Charcoal

Drawing with charcoal - Additive and reductive drawings