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I have encountered an issue with the redirect of TO dotORG ... working on a fix but a band-aid is will temporarily redirect to dotORG. The inconvenience is seamless to the viewer but does SETBACK efforts to go 100% mobile.

Latest Opening Weekend Feedback

What did you think about Opening Weekend?

Please ... just your personal opinion to ... and ONLY if you paid a visit to RBMC this past weekend. What did you think? Like always, will not quote you. Hey ... your reply could be as little as three words. You see, I did not make it to the river. Thinking there are many members that did not make it and like me are curious.

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I was so pleased with the many changes! The improvements were needed over the many years and, at last, we have the opportunity to see what results our team of employees are capable of when given the o.k. Thanks to those on this board who had the foresight to envision these needed renovations. Congratulations Chris. In such a short time such enormous results. Glad to see this board moving forward with change.

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