Transition Plus December 9th

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ESY Message from Jennifer Schneider

Transition Plus Staff,

I want to send a reminder that winter break is an ideal time to collect data for determining ESY eligibility. Please take advantage of the upcoming break to: collect student data on current IEP goals, determine ESY eligibility, and to then document it within the student IEP’s.

Early qualification allows us to plan more appropriate programming for students for the summer ESY services. I will plan services based on student ESY, and Implementation Plans set up in Ed Plan that address individual goals and objectives.

Please, do not tell parents that students will be paid for ESY services on goals and objectives that are employment related. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to pay students for summer experiences related to employment goals as a part of the program.

If you have questions please give me a call at 612-668-3070, to discuss individual students, or send me an email. ESY is a special education service to support individual goals and objectives and is not credit recovery or a summer paid work experience.




Come visit the newly organized curriculum library on Thursday December 12th between 8:30-9:30. Patricia will be on hand to point out items of interest, and Melissa will be able to check things out to you. The curriculum library is located just inside the glass doors leading to the main office from the elevators.

It is tiny, but now very accessible.

Coat Drive!

Please bring new or gently used, clean coats in great condition

for our students in need.

Thank you!

Staff incident reports can be reported two ways. You can send an email with the following info; student name, staff support, detailed description of incident, time, contact with family? Add anything else that you think would be beneficial for us to know or print this form and place in Bryan’s mailbox or give to him directly.

Engagement Team

Thank you for communicating with the engagement desk when students are arriving late, leaving early, or are referred to use the engagement room. The notes, passes and calls have been extremely helpful! Thank you!


Hello All,

Hopefully you all have found and have been using the SEL activities on the Google Shared Drive. This round we have been focused on Self- Management. Beginning this week, we should all be moving to the lessons in the area of Social Awareness.

Many students have been struggling to get along. An increase in our commitment to SEL should have a positive impact on student behavior. Additionally, please let me know if you would like me to come to your classroom to do some observing, brainstorming, lead a circle, or anything else you feel might be helpful. We are an amazing staff with tons of SEL happening every day! Let’s try to stay focused and continue our good work.

Have a great week! Tia

The 5E Survey is now open!

The 5E survey is a comprehensive diagnostic tool based on more than 20 years of research. The 5E assesses school’s strengths and weaknesses in 5 key areas: effective leaders, collaborative teachers, involved families, supportive environment, and ambitious instruction. Schools use this information for planning, reflection, and continuous improvement, and MPS uses this information for accountability purposes and principal evaluation. The survey is electronically administered to students in grades 5-12 , and all school staff on teacher contracts must complete this assessment.

Below is the link for the students to submit their feedback.

Students will need to enter their student ID and birth date to take the survey. The survey window is open from November 20th-December 20th.

Link to survey:


As we move into Second Semester, we are looking at the schedule and making a few changes based on student need and equitable workloads for our teachers. If any changes are being considered for any of your classes, the scheduling team will connect with you within the next two weeks. We hope to have the schedule finalized by Friday, December 6th, so that you have enough time to prepare not only for your own classes, but for planful scheduling of your students as well. If you have any scheduling requests or considerations, please speak with Rachel Prince before December 6th.

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Work Based Learning

Hi Transition Plus! We have openings in the Scan Lab on Mondays/Wednesdays, 2nd and 5th hour. If you have a student who needs work experience, this is a great opportunity to get it in school. In Scan Lab, students digitize documents, photos, slides, and other media, as well as learn file management and do some minor adjustments to photos.

If you have students who would be interested in this opportunity, please contact Ben Rodriguez at

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Staff Reminders


  • The third floor bathrooms have been changed. The unisex bathrooms are only for staff.

    If students need a non-gender bathroom they will need to access on floor 1 or 2.

    Thank you for supporting us in keeping all students safe.


  • There have been staff and students parking in the visitor spots in our parking lot. The security desk will be putting reminders on the windshields of cars who are not visitors reminding you these spots are for visitors- families, GED test takers, itinerant staff, etc. If you have families or visitors coming to the building please let them know of these 6 spots for parking.


  • ESP Staff - Be sure to check your transcript in Ecompass to see if your 4 hour CPI refresher is due on 6/30/2019. January 17th is the only opportunity for you to do the 4 hour refresher this year. Classes are filling up fast, so you should register as soon as possible. There will be no PD opportunities in June as your last duty day is the same as the student's.
  • If you don't do the 4 hour refresher on January 17th, you will need to take the 8 hour course in August.


  • As the weather continues to change please keep in mind your start time - Plan accordingly.

Food Service News

Breakfast sandwiches:

Wednesday mornings $2.50

Staff lunch meal deal:

Thursdays $5.50

Bakery Orders:

There’s still plenty of time to get your order in for a special treat! Bring cookies, bars, a holiday Bundt cake to your next gathering.


You now have 3 union stewards for the ESP unit. If you have a question about the contract or a concern you can check in with the stewards for some guidance.

  • David Leussler- Coffee Plus
  • Aria Campbell- Brad's Room
  • Todd Chase- Paricia's Room

Staffing News

You may have noticed new staff in the building. Please be sure to stop by and say hi to the new staff members if you have not already and introduce yourself.

  • Cory - Tom's room (1:1)
  • Tyler - Jason W's room
  • Mina- Greg's room
  • Ashley- Luke's room
  • Audrey- Cookie Cart
  • Doug - Jewell's room
  • Eric - Jake's room
  • Muna - Susanne's room (starts this week)

Coming Up at TPlus

Monday---------------- Non-Tenured Lic Staff Mtg--------------- 8:30-9:30- Jeremiah's room

Tuesday--------------- Licensed Staff Mtg---------------------------- 8:30-9:30- Small Kitchen

  • (please be on time for our warm welcome - I would like full participation- if you will be late please let me know by the end of the day Monday)


Thursday-------------- Curriculum Library Open House-------- 8:30-9:30

Friday------------------- ILT------------------------------------------------------ 8:30-9:15

Third Friday of the Month-------Newsletter Submissions for Families

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