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What's Happening In Room 6?

Outdoor Recess

Please make sure your child is coming to school prepared for outdoor recess. Our playground is shaded by tall trees which makes it even chillier. We will go outside for recess if the temperature is above 20 degrees. Brrrr!


We are learning about light and shadows. Some things we learned about light:

  • Light travels in straight lines.
  • Light is energy.
  • Light cannot pass through opaque objects.

We started to discuss the words opaque, translucent, and transparent. We tested different types of objects to learn about these words. This week, we will do an experiment with our shadows outside. Hopefully we will have a nice sunny day that will allow us to track our shadows over the course of day!


We are working on cause and effect this week. We read a story called The Farmer and the Hat. The story is about students who are creating a play about Old MacDonald. We used the story to talk about cause and effect. We also reviewed plot and literary elements.

Thank you for helping your child reach his/her reading goal for the month of November. Those students who reached their reading goal received an invitation for our first grade pajama party. We will be doing another celebration in early January to celebrate those students who reached their December reading goals.

We are focusing on four different phonics skills this week. We are learning about magic "e", long a, soft c and soft g. We sang a poem to help us learn when to use soft c and soft g. Our spelling test will be on Wednesday.


This week we will be learning about frames and arrows. Frames and arrows are a more structured way of skip counting. We will also be learning about dimes. We will play a game to practice counting dimes, nickels and pennies. The end of unit 3 is coming soon. Early next week we will review and have our assessment somewhere near Wednesday, December 16th.


We are working diligently to finish up our small moment stories. We are illustrating our stories! To help us understand the importance of illustrations, we looked at several different stories by Jan Brett, Patricia Polacco, and David Weisner. We will have our publishing party very soon! :)

Holiday Party

By the end of this week, I will be emailing home to begin planning our holiday party slated for Wednesday, December 23rd. If you have your clearances complete and are interested in helping with our class party, please let me know. Thank you for your continued support at home!