By Breanna Garcia


Growing up, I always like helping other people who need it. Every time I give someone advice it made me feel good inside. I'm the person you can trust and tell anything to or if your in situation. That's why I'm very interested with psychology . Psychology is the study of mind and behavior of a person. Reduce the distress and improve the well being of client. Research make positive change in client's life and offers any treatment. Even thought they will be some clients that will be tough, but I think I can overcome it and be a good psychologist.

Career Research

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

Assessment - psychologist use tests and assessments to evaluate and diagnosed mental health conditions for the patient. The assessments help basic understanding of connection between someone's thoughts and feelings and behavior problems.

Short Term Help - Helps the patient get through traumatic life experience like when a close family member or friend who has dead. Helps the patient go through their feeling and thoughts.

Goals Setting - When a psychologist gets a new patient they want them to set goals for them like for their treatment.

Therapy - Psychologist give their patient therapy to help them to with medicinal treatment.

Education/training needed

A doctoral degree is required and to be a psychologist you need to Ph.D or Doctor of Psychology they work on clinical positions or in private practice. A 4 year undergraduate degree and plus 4 to 6 years doctorate. Training they focus on school or couples and family counseling .

Job Outlook 12% from 2012 to 2022

Salary $69,280 per year

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High School Preparation


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