Mays Elementary Newsletter

January 8, 2018


Over the next few weeks we have quite a few different assessments that we are giving. This will help us keep you informed about your child's progress. Please make sure that students are on time and here each day if possible.


Second semester our attendance incentives start over. Students with four or less absences for the second semester will be invited to our bounce house day in May. Please make sure your children attend any school day that they are not ill. Students with five or less absences all year will be invited to a fun day at Ralph Wilson Youth Club.
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Kindergarten Donation

This year our Kindergarten students purchased items to be donated to the animal shelter rather than buying gifts for each other. Above is a picture of the donation that was delivered to the animal shelter.

Important Dates

January 15th - Martin Luther King Day - School Holiday

February 5-7 - Bell County Youth Fair - School Holidays

February 14th - Valentine's Parties

February 19th - Science Night - Dinosaurs Live

March 2nd - Kindergarten Field Trip - Zoo