Three Blind Mice: Arrest to Verdict

Kelly Lathe; Module 7 Lesson 1 Mastery

Mice under arrest!

The Three Blind Mice are under arrest for committing a misdemeanor. They were set on bail and sent home until a petit jury decided if they are acquitted or convicted.

To the Jury...

The grand jury will then take the evidence and determine if they will go to court and indict them, or if they will be convicted.

If the jury convicts the mice, they will receive an indictment. At their arraignment, the defendants, with help from their public defender, will submit their pleas; they could also plea bargain for a lesser sentence. The prosecution will always be represented by the state.

If witnesses were involved, they could be subpoenaed to show up in court. What information they provide could help worsen or improve the verdict.


If the mice are under oath and lie, they are committing perjury and the judge could extend their sentences.