GATE Activities

Digital Extension and Enrichment Resources

Enhancing Engagement

Student collaboration is a huge part of our classroom culture! Here are some activities that will get your students communicating.

These digital resources can easily be copied and added to your Canvas assignments to encourage creativity and team work.

If you would like another set of hands to extend learning opportunities for your GATE and advanced learners, click the calendar link below to schedule a time for me to offer "zoom-in" support.

Engaging Extension Activities

6 FREE Activities to Video Chat with Students

This FREE TPT resource has some great interactive activities you can use with your students for maximum engagement. Save in Google Slides for immediate LTI 1.3 integration in Canvas.

Name That Tune

Whether your students are Disney age or teens, this is a game everyone can enjoy and play together in the opening of a zoom class session.


This random word generator, in addition to your whiteboard in zoom, helps bring the classic "in-person" game to life in your virtual classroom.

Twenty Questions

Engage your students in a fun and interactive Q&A. "Objects" can be characters, time periods, scientific facts, math rules or algorithms...the sky is the limit on the creative factor with this one.

Would You Rather

Simple class opener...ask students "preference" questions with options to reply by voice or in chat. Looking for inspiration? This link has literally hundreds of ideas!

Looking for student/curriculum specific extension activities?

Feel free to reach out via email or click the calendar above and let me know how I can help.