Juliet Capulet

Daughter of the Capulet Family

status updates (whats on your mind?)

Romeo Montague>Juliet Capulet

I miss you so much. We need to meet up again so we can share our love together <3

Juliet Capulet>Romeo Montague

I miss you so much to. Don't worry we will meet up again, I love you so much and cant wait until we get married <3 #loveyou

Lady Capulet>Juliet Capulet

Young lady you have made a terrible decision. You are in love with our family enemy. Count Paris is a much better suit for you #depressed

Count Paris>Lady Capulet

You are absolutely right! Me and Juliet are perfect for eachother!!!

Juliet Capulet>Lady Montague and Count Paris

I am not listening to you two. I do not love you Paris I love Romeo. I will not talk about this any longer. Find someone else Paris!