Guidance at a Glance

Purposeful Guidance

Complete a Needs Assessment

The best way to begin your program is to identify you school's needs. ASCA has some examples as well.

My Needs Assessment 14-15

The Helpful School Counselor and Needs Assessments

Review the Needs Assessment with your principal and use it to define your program, priorities and role!

Use the Assessment to Connect with ASCA's National Standards

Make a Schedule

Use a Google Doc to make it quick and easy

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Home Run for Guidance

Prezi is super fun but I didn't have time to make one. Why reinvent the wheel, when it is already here. Here is a great starting place for new counselors.

Get it going...!

Great Websites for Lesson Plans

  1. Join a Facebook Community like the Elementary School Counselor Exchange
  2. Minnesota's got it spelled out for their counselors!
  3. Pinterest...need I say more?!
  4. Join the American School Counselor Association
  5. NEW Website to visit: TXCA Guidance Activities (Conference)