Middle Ages

By: Morgan Rogers

Middle Ages Terrors

Europe had many terrifying stuff in the Middle Ages, stuff like crusades, Black Death, and the Spanish Inquisition. The crusades went as a war for the Holy Land, Jerusalem, which was between mainly Christians and Muslims. The only time Christians ever won was in the first and they lost the rest while the conclusion of the crusades was no different then the result of the beginning. In this war they even sent children out there none made it to the holy land . If you think that war was a mess get a load of the Black Death.This epidemic was what knocked out 1/3 of Europe's population. The cause was flea bearing rats. Even the popes weren't going anywhere near the infected.the church lost major power afterward. Jews, as usual, were blamed for the plague. If nothing else it at least got people looking more into science. The Spanish Inquisition is the last terror I am speaking of.