Trollers and Haters

By Greta Stalemark

"The pen is mightier than the sword"

Edward Bulwerlytton said this quote many years ago, and it is still used today. The significance and connection it has with this negative topic is that what you say online is very powerful. A troller hates on people because he or she wants to get a reaction out of a group of people or an individual.

Media Today

In these modern ages, you'd expect that society learned from past mistakes and was more peaceful wit the new technology and opportunities. Unfortunately, many "trollers" are surfacing recently with the rapid increase in usage of this media by young adults. Today, teens are posting hate comments and many more insulting things all over social media. A popular social networking site called Instagram is a great example. I have witnessed many of my peers involved with this topic, and I have done my best to prevent it from happening to myself and others.

Examples of Hate