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The 2016-2017 school year is in full swing. As you can see, our Math Empowers Newsletter is sporting a NEW look. Each of the four publications will continue to include valuable information and resources that are aimed to support your mathematics instruction. Therefore, be sure to read, access and enjoy all that has been shared.

Middletown's Mathematics Intervention Program

"Why DreamBox?" you ask. There are many reasons why DreamBox stands out, above other, online math programs. First and foremost, is its revolutionary Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology, which individualizes instruction and provides different learning paths, depending on each student's needs. This individualized approach maximizes your students' time on task at their appropriate level. (A.K.A. Differentiation) While working on DreamBox, students will build conceptual understanding, close math gaps, build problem solving skills, increase achievement, and best of all, boost their mathematical confidence. The data collected by DreamBox during every lesson will help guide instruction and intervention. Finally, it's rigorous curriculum and an engaging game-like environment are mathematically incomparable to other programs. It's for these reasons, that DreamBox has been provided for all our K-5 students.


How is this Accomplished?

"Problem solving has been defined as knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do. .... Students need ... to be taught what it sounds like for a mathematician to work through a tough problem. ...That’s the way to develop true problem solving/critical thinking skills.... It’s part of our job to help students develop analytical skills right along with the math content." ~ Donna Boucher, Math Coach's Corner

The attached post includes a terrific sample of a teacher modeling her mathematical thinking in front of her class. The students are not asked any questions at this THINK ALOUD. They simply observe. I encourage you to read Modeling Mathematical Thinking and THINK ALOUD in front of your students.

Help your students make sense of math.

Check out these questions to help your students think deeper about math.

100 Questions That Promote Mathematical Discourse.

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If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas to share, please feel free to contact me or your building Math Specialist. "We're all in this together!" :)

Valerie DeMatteo

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Harmony Elementary School

Math Empowers - Grade 2 Representative