A108 News

by: Mrs. O'Hara


Hello Parents!
We have had a very busy start to 2016. In math, we have been learning how to find area. In Language, we have been learning about "theme". In Science, we are learning about matter, it's different states, and it's building blocks (the periodic table). This week, we discussed solids, liquids, and gases in detail, then celebrated by drinking Root Beer Floats (made from a solid, liquid, and gas)!

We have also been very busy practicing for the upcoming February show. Students are becoming more confident and excited about performing for you! Today is the deadline to pre-order tickets for $10 each. They are $20 at the door. If you choose not to attend the evening performance, you may attend our school assembly for free. It will be held in the forum on 2/3/16 at 1:00pm. However, please remember that all students are required to participate in the evening performance as part of their VAPA grade.

We are in full swing of our P.B.L. project. Our driving question (which is what the entire project is based around) is "How can we, as students, increase awareness about hunger while promoting support of local food banks throughout the year?" So far, students have clarified vocabulary and then made a list of "needs to know" items. They have also been working on becoming experts about local hunger and how we can make a difference. Last week, we met a speaker from the Second Harvest Food Bank who gave us tons of insight about local hunger, and how the organization operates. We also met some leaders and clients of CityTeam. Students got to meet two primary sources; a man and woman who were once hungry and homeless. They shared their story and students were able to ask questions related to our project. Students learned how organizations such as Second Harvest and CityTeam can help turn someone's life around when they are in need. I think the biggest lesson we have learned so far is that people who are hungry may not be the stereotype we typically think about. Students have been researching about the sick, elderly, the working poor, single moms, grandparents raising kids, the recession, homeless, and jobless.
Thank you to the families that have donated brown grocery bags! We have enough now. In February, we will be visiting the Second Harvest Food Bank facility downtown so that students can learn more about how they operate and how we can help. As part of our project, our class has decided to help the food bank make giveaway bags for seniors along with a Valentine for Valentine's Day. We are asking that each family donate up to 5 cans of fruit per child. They prefer the pull top cans, if possible. I would like to have these by 1/29/16 so that we can have our brown bags ready to drop off during our field trip. Each third grade class will be collecting a different food item, so if each child brings in 5 cans, we will be able to deliver 125 bags that include a soup, pasta, protein, fruit, and vegetable to seniors in need. WOW!!!

Well, that is my book for now. I hope you enjoy these updates. I know what it's like when you ask your child what they are doing in school and they say "nothing" or
"I don't know" : )

As always, email me with any questions you may have.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. O'Hara

Helping Hands

Thank you for helping to raise money during our Spell-A-Thon!

Upcoming Events:

January 15-Arts Attack
January 18th-Martin Luther King Jr. Day, no school
January 29th-Spirit Day: wear class t-shirts!
February 3-Show Assemblies 9:00 and 1:00-Parents may come to the 1:00 performance.
February 4-Showtime at 6:30pm, drop-off students at 5:45pm, doors open at 6:00pm for audience
February 12-field trip to Second Harvest Food Bank
February 15-February 21-Winter Break/President's Week, no school!
Eureka Math-A Guide for Parents, Module 4

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