Trip To Lima, Peru

By Bekah Walter

Flight and Hotel

I`m staying at the Hotel Estelar Miraflores. I`m staying 3 nights and it costs 1,883 dollars for the flight and hotel put together. The Flight is a roundtrip ticket. The hotel comes with a lot of additional things like breakfast, WiFi, currency exchange, and a coffee shop.

Day 1

Since the hotel I am staying at provides breakfast I will begin my day eating there. I will then head out to my first place to visit, the Plaza de Armas. It`s a cathedral with a lot of historical artifacts. After I am done there I will go to pasquale hermanos, which is like a Peru McDonalds, and then head out to Miraflores to the beach! I will spend the remainder of the day there then head back to the hotel. I will spend 10$ on lunch and grab an apple and granola bar for supper at the hotel.

Day 2

My first portion of the day will be spent at the zoo called Parque de las Leyendas. There are a lot of animals there and is said to not be able to even compare to the Omaha zoo. I will stop at a Subway for lunch and then went quickly to the Gold Museum which has many different types of gold and silvers and some weapons from ancient times all around the world. I will go the diner close by before heading back to the hotel. The price for Subway will be about 5 dollars and the admission to the zoo will be $15. The diner will cost about $10. Total I will spend about $30.

Day 3

Since it is my last day I will go to the National museum. It has a lot of ancient artifacts from Peru and helps people understand the peruvian culture. I will stop by and get a quick meal from Subway again and then go back to the National Museum. For supper I decided to go to a nive peruivan restaurant called Cebicheria la Mar. I think it will be interesting to have a real taste of peru Cuisine. Again the subway will be about $5 and the nice Peruvian restaurant will be about $20. Total for the day I will spend about $25


My overall cost is about 2,000, including food and transportation.