Fact Sheet


  • Antarctica is located in the southern hemisphere
  • It is home to penguins, seals and killer whales in the ocean
  • It is infact a desert recieving very little rain since it's so cold
  • The South Pole is located in Antarctica
  • 90% of the worlds ice is on Antarctica
  • Polar Bears don't live in Antarctica they live in the Arctic (North Pole)
  • The area of Antarctica is 14,000,000km squared
  • Means opposite of Arctic in the Greek language.
  • It's the fifth largest continent in the world
  • Antarcticas coldest natural temperature ever recorded was −89.2 °C
  • Antarctica is the highest, driest, windiest, emptiest, coldest place on earth.
  • An ice sheet covers all but 2.4 percent of Antarctica's 14 million square kilometers.
  • Antarctica is the southernmost continent on Earth
  • The first confirmed sighting of the contenint was in 1820.
  • Antarctica is surrounded by the Southern Ocean


Guaranteed to give you a chill up your spine