OHS Peer Mediation Program

"It's hard to hate someone when you know their story."

Who We Are

Everyday in America 160,000 students stay home from school out of fear of being bullied. Olympian High School Peer Mediators are student leaders who are highly motivated to take the necessary steps to create a safe learning environment for the diverse group of students that our school serves. They are empowered leaders representing the diverse groups and cliques on our campus and are equipped with nonviolent communication and intervention skills to stop bullying and violence among their peers. Students in the Peer Mediation course are challenged to complete intense self-work. They explore the concept of identity and leadership, examine past hurts and strategies for healing such hurts- with the understanding that hurt people, hurt other people. They learn the importance of compassion and forgiveness and are challenged to become upstanders on our campus and in our community.

Building Collaborative Relationships

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Students Helping Students Suceed

For the past five years, our Peer Mediation program has lead a series of anti-bullying workshops and assemblies. One example is our student-led “Breaking Down the Barriers” workshop. Our theme and belief is that “It’s Hard to Hate Someone When You Know Their Story”. Our “Breaking Down the Barriers” workshops take place yearly. We invite a group of students and teachers to participate in an intense 7 hour workshop. The Peer Leaders work to create trust and connection by helping participants step out of their comfort zones through team-building activities. Participants have the opportunity to recognize stereotypes and labels that exist among them, and connect through activities such as “If You Really Knew Me” and “Crossing the Line”. Participants also learn healthy ways of expressing emotions, and the negative effects of keeping their feelings inside. By the end of the session, participants have an opportunity to take a stand against bullying, make amends for hurts they have caused each other, and state their commitment to creating change on our campus and in their community.

With the help of our Link Crew student leaders, we offer Positive Behavior workshops to all of our 9th grade Eagles. Students are given the opportunity to reflect on their experience transitioning from middle school to high school and explore the impact that social groups and social media has on ones high school career. Special thanks to our PE department for allowing us to reach out and connect to all of our 9th grade students!

Advanced Peer Mediators

What: We are here to SUPPORT STUDENTS! We meet with students and conduct individual sessions, mediations, and assist our counselors. By utilizing our peer counseling skills, we are here to support students with any issues they may be experiencing.

Where: We can be found in the Counseling Center in the Counseling Conference Room.

When: We are available every day during school hours, but you need to complete a blue Advanced Peer Mediator Request Form, so that we may call you out.

How: Simply fill out the blue Advanced Peer Mediator Request Form in the Counseling Center and put it in our APM Advisor’s (Mrs. Delos Reyes’ ) box (outside her office). Then, an APM will try to get in contact with you.

**The Advanced Peer Mediators do not replace certified professionals, but are extensions of guidance services; when necessary, they direct students to the appropriate counselor or approved community resources for further assistance.

Celebrating our Student Leaders!

For More Information...

For more information, please contact:
Viana Rodriguez, M.Ed
Olympian High School
Peer Mediation Program Advisor