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Happy "Thing 1 and Thing 2" day from your C2 lead learners!

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books

We've completed our second round of our book battle, and the winners were announced today. (Winners are in bold below). Next week, the "Final 4" will "playoff" against each other to determine which two books will make it to the last round. Stay tuned to find out which title will be deemed C2's 2016 "Book of the Year!"

  • Ish vs. Memoirs of a Hamster
  • Ultimate Ocean Rumble vs. Tikki Tikki Tembo
  • My Lucky Day vs. A Giraffe and a Half
  • I Want My Hat Back vs. What I Saw in the Teachers' Lounge
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Our Learning


RL 2.7 -
• I can use illustration and text to tell about the setting of a story.
• I can use illustration and text to tell about the characters of a story.
• I can use illustration and text to tell about the plot of a story.

This week, we have been studying the connections that can be made to the plot of the story through studying the illustrations. We want our learners to understand that through using the text, the illustrations, and what they already know, they can draw conclusions about the characters, setting, and plot.

While reading with your child at night, try covering up the words in the book and "read" the pictures one time through. Then, go back and read the words and see how that changed and deepened your child's understanding of the book.

Coming up next week, we'll look at another fiction literature standard,
RL 2.6 -

* I can use different voices for characters.
• I can tell different ideas characters have

We'll be reading different texts and teaching the children how to change their voices, depending on which character is speaking. They will also work to find out who the narrator is when reading a story.

At home - have your child read a story aloud, speaking in different voices for each of the characters during dialogue.


We are in the middle of our unit on measurement.
Learners are practicing:

* How to use a ruler and measure things in different units (inches, centimeters, feet, meters)

* How to estimate the length of an object

* How to measure to determine how much longer one object is than another

* How to solve word problems using length

* How to graph lengths of objects on a line plot

At Home:

We use measurements to determine the height, length, and width of objects. We measure time and money. Developing the ability to estimate and to measure accurately takes time and practice.
• Measure items found around the house. Have your child find objects that are longer or shorter than a shoe or a string or a ruler. Together, use a shoe to measure the length of a floor mat.
• Estimate everything! Estimate the number of steps from your front door to the edge of your yard, then walk with your child to find out how many there really are, counting steps as you go.
• Compare and organize household items. Take cereal boxes or cans of vegetables from the cupboard and have your child line them up from tallest to shortest.
• Include your child in activities that involve measurements. Have your child measure the ingredients in a recipe, or the length of a bookshelf you plan to build. Trade equal amounts of money. How many pennies do you need to trade for a nickel? For a dime?

Social Science/Project Work

We are preparing our minds for our upcoming field trip to Lanark (Alabama Nature Center). While there, we will be focusing in on these standards:

Social Studies 2.8 - Describe how scarcity affects supply and demand of natural resources

Social Studies 2.10 - Recognize benefits of recreation and tourism at state and national parks (Alabama)

Science 2.6 - Study how animals disperse seeds or pollinate plants (e.g., animals brushing fur against seed pods and seeds falling off in other areas, birds and bees extracting nectar from flowers and transferring pollen from one plant to another).

Science 2.7 - Obtain information to illustrate that there are many different kinds of living things and that they exist in different places on land and in water

Science 2.10 - Collect and evaluate data to identify water found on Earth

Project Work - With just 9 weeks of school left, all 6 classes are in different phases of their project development. Alexander and Davis just wrapped up their first large project and will be using the last 9 weeks to do a smaller scale project. Housley, Steindorff, and the Franklops are all in the developing phase and are seeing some great creativity come about through their project work!

Alexander Family

Davis Family

Franklop Family

Housley Family

Steindorff Family

Mark Your Calendar!

Important Dates

March 21-25: Spring Break

March 28: Professional Learning Day for Lead Learners (No school for learners).

March 31 - Spring Picture Day

April 1: Field Trip to Lanark (See Information Below)

April 5: Community viewing of "Most Likely To Succeed" film, 6 PM (St. James)

April 5-7: PRS Book Fair

April 25: Professional Learning Day for Lead Learners (No school for learners).

April 29: K-6 Field Day

May 18: Mrs. Steindorff's Birthday

May 26: Last Day of School

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Yearbook Presales Have Begun!

PRS Patriots - Yearbooks are now being pre-sold at a discounted price of $45. We will have a 200 page yearbook coming out this year! This will be the first of many PRS Yearbooks and you'll want to commemorate the Pike Road Schools charter year. Please send cash or check (made out to Pike Road Schools) by April 11. The price will go up to $55 after the 11th.

We Need Your Help!


We need your help! We are looking for great photos that you may have taken this year. We are currently putting together our yearbook for Pike Road Schools. If you have any great shots that includes three or more PRS students, we are asking you to upload these pictures to our yearbook photos website. If you click on the link below, you will be taken to a folder that the lead learners can access as they design their pages. From that page you can click add images and select photos from there, or you can simply drag and drop photos into that web based folder. We appreciate your help in this endeavor! We are excited about the yearbook, and we are so thankful for your help.

Please note that yearbooks will be on sale when we return from Spring Break. The cost of a yearbook is $55, but if you purchase before April 11, the cost is only $45. You will be able to pay online or send in cash or check with the student.

You can find the link to upload photos here: C2 Link: http://lpx.me/KR8V-YRU6-98GC/
Click the title above to see your class proofs. You may purchase their group pictures directly from the Total Image Site or send payment to school with your child. Please make checks payable to "Total Image". The deadline for orders is March 29th (week after Spring Break). You will be able to view all photos from there by clicking "thumbnails."

5 x 7 = $10
8 x 10 = $12

C2 will visit Lanark in Millbrook on Friday, April 1. We will leave school at 8:30 and return no later than 2:30. While there, we will visit Discovery Hall for a live animal presentation, observe living things in a pond ecosystem by seining with nets, and receive a guided hike on the AWF property.

Chaperones: Chaperones who paid to ride the bus to Lanark should be in your child's classroom no later than 8:15. Chaperones who drive separately should plan to meet us at Lanark (3050 Lanark Road, Millbrook) at 9:00.

Lunch: We will eat a picnic lunch under a pavilion. If your child brings a lunch from home, please send only disposable items labeled with his or her name. No lunchboxes or reusable thermoses, please.

Attire: Please have your child wear comfortable tennis shoes (no flip-flops or sandals, please). All second graders should wear a red PRS shirt or a solid red shirt.

Souvenirs: Classes will have the opportunity to visit the gift shop as they tour Discovery Hall. Learners may bring cash to purchase souvenirs from the gift shop. When sending souvenir money with your child, please keep in mind the following:

  • Lead Learners are not responsible for souvenir money. Each learner will carry his or her own money.
  • We strongly encourage you to send money in a sealed envelope labeled with your child's name and his or her teacher's name. A lost labeled envelope is much easier to return to its rightful owner than cash.
  • Some classes will visit the gift shop early in the day. Learners who purchase souvenirs will be responsible for carrying his or her purchases.
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March is National Reading Month

Here is the Pike Road Branch Library's March calendar of events. Please note their special Spring Break week programs and their guest speaker on March 30!
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If you haven't already signed-up take the opportunity to be a Mystery Reader! Mystery Readers are special guests who come to our classrooms to read a story to students. Mystery Readers can be parents, grandparents, older siblings, or other relatives. Click the links below for more information about becoming a Mystery Reader for your child's class.

Wish Lists

Please do not feel obligated to donate. We would be grateful to receive items, but it is in no way expected. Due to the nature of our learning, our students go through a lot of supplies. We happily order and buy supplies regularly, but these are some of the most frequently needed items.

Miss Alexander’s Family

Mrs. Davis’ Family

  • Band-aids

  • Clorox Wipes

  • Jumbo glue sticks

Mrs. Franklin’s Family

  • Color Expo Markers

  • Lysol Disinfectant Spray

  • Monopoly Jr., Scrabble Jr.,Machi Koro, Boggle, Bananagrams, Math Dice Jr.,Legos, Books :)

Mrs. Housley’s Family

  • copy paper

Mrs. Steindorff’s Family

Miss Waldrop’s Family

  • Clear page protectors

  • Lysol Disinfectant Spray
  • Whiteboard Erasers
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