By: Ana Flores and Jordan Barnhill

Where is located?

The Broad river originates in the mountains of western North Carolina and flows southeast through the foothills and Piedmont before entering South Carolina.

How many miles of streams and rivers are included in the basin?

The broad river have a total of 1,513 miles of streams and rivers.

5 important places

There are 5 important places on this river basin for example: Lake Luke, Lake Adger, Summit and Montonia.


Around people 204,803 live in this river basin since 2010

Point and non-point pollution examples:

One non-point pollution is the fish species in the river basin. Also is the gases floating on the surface.

One point pollution is the waste in the bottom and the place where the water mixes with the sewer waste.


non-point: clean the waters.

Point: Separate the sewer water from the freshwater.

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