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May 2017

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Juniors and Seniors Receive Wisdom from College Students

On Tuesday, May, 16 every junior and senior English class went to the library to learn about the life they'll live in their future as college students.

Sam Church, Ohio Christian University; Megan Welker, Bowling Green State University; Natalie Reidling, New York University; Bri Rost, The Ohio State University; David Krukemyer, The Ohio State University; Sierra Corns, University of Toledo; Elly Schnitker, Bowling Green State University; Elena Kirkbride, Bowling Green State University, and Mackenzie Albright, University of Toledo all took their time to present to the high schoolers braving college.

The coming college students got to fire any questions they had about college and life as a college student. The high school students were able to get a big idea as to how life is in college with balancing school, extra curriculars, a job, and socializing.

Hopefully, they took home an idea as to what to expect in the fall or next year when they are on their own.

Examples of some of the questions and answers that were discussed include:

Q: Did high school prepare you?

A: “Yes, college courses help a lot. It prepares you more than you realize. Math classes and English classes teach you skills you will need such as time management and social skills.” - Natalie Reidling

Q: Why’d you choose the field you’re in?

A: “You find something that interests you and find fields that fit your interests and needs.”

They also got to listen and note advice going into college, some of these include:

“E-Mail will be your best friend.”

“Library and Student Unions are best for studying.”

“Finding a study group helps a lot.”

This is just a tiny snippet of the important advice that the college students relayed to the high schoolers.

The aim of this chat was to prepare high school students for the demand of the real world as, for many of these students, it will be their first time on their own.

Fifth Grade E.A.G.L.E. Lego Movies

May Student of the Month

Congratulations to Eastwood Senior Macy Fix, on winning May student of the month. Macy is the daughter of Tom and Jackie Fix and has an amazing GPA of 4.2. Along with keeping her good grades she is involved in many after school activities. Including, Marching band, pep band, jazz band, EHS musical, varsity softball, Elite softball, NHS treasurer, president of people inc, Carpe Diem student leader, 4-H club, and is apart of the student council. Macy plans on going to Asbury University in Kentucky. She will be majoring in media communication and minoring in music. Macy was also signed to play softball for Asbury.

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