Social Interaction

Summative Assignment

Asch, Zimbardo, and Milgram

I have been studying the experiment of Asch, Zimbardo, and Milgram. The Asch experiment was a test perform with confederates on their vision. Nearly 75% of them gave in to conformity. The Zimbardo experiment tested a controversial test between people being guards and prisoners. All of the guards gained the Lucifer effect, that is when good people go bad due to power. The last one is the Milgram experiment is the obedience test. It was tested to see if people would obey the authority figure.


Each test had its own down fall. The Asch experiments downfall was the conformity which is giving in to the majorities answer. The Zimbardo experiment had its deal with authority. Last but not least The Milgram experiment obedience is hard to follow when you are being bossed around.