Socks for Soldiers

made by Gwen Shaw

During the War

Americans of all ages are being asked by the united states government to knit wool socks, sweaters, and other garments to warm the americans soldiers when they are either on duty or in the hospital or retired. Most of this knitting was produced by volunteers working under the auspices of the American Red Cross. More than 6,000 seatle area knitters as well as knitters from other parts of US have help with this project.

Helping our soldiers!

The reason people are doing this is to show their support, respect, and love for soldiers. The goal that we have set for this project is to collect 150,000 pairs of socks. Some of these volunteers are people and children who served our country or want to be in the serve for our country. In that summer of 1917 the American Red Cross put out an urgent call for knitted goods hospital supplies, So people please send a care package with hospital supplies and socks for our soldiers!!!