Allied Forces

Ahmad Atatrah

Overview of Holocaust

From 1933 to 1945, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. Persecuting Jewish and putting them into camps. It was the time period were the world war 2 also started by Germany.

The war was hurtful and painful to everyone even who wasn't in it.

Definition/Background Information

The Allies were the countries united in an alliance in world war 2 (1939-1945) to fight Axis countries Germany, Japan and Italy. The countries that declared war on Germany After the invasion on Poland in 1939 they found the allied forces then it was followed by Great Britain and France 26 countries signed. It was declared by the united nation in 1-1-1942 putting them together to become as one force, so they are one allied force against the axis. They had won major events in the world war 2 and one of them is when japan got hit by the United States by nuclear bomb which it was used for the first time and ended the war.

Original Research Question

What happened in the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

The United States bombed Japan with a nuclear bomb that erased the whole landscape.

They didn't know what the bomb would do the creator of the bomb was amazed with what happened in that place. Till now there is no life and plants growing there. If we think about it, it is harsh sort of.


"In my opinion a disproportionate amount of time is wasted on dealing with these wailing Jews"-A.R Dew, British Foreign office.

He meant by saying this that why the Nazi are wasting time with the Jews. They are not that a big of a deal to worry about them. That the time was wasted on the Jews they could of have done something better to benefit the country.


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