The Age of Exploration

Kaeli S. Sydney G. Isabel H.

What is it?

The age of Exploration is a time period that lasted from the 15th century, all the way to the 17th century. This time was a prime time for explorers such as christopher columbus, cabeza da vaca, and many more explorers! The Explorers explored Africa, the Americas, Asia, and the Oceania.

Major explorers are named in the video below.

Age of exploring.wmv

What caused it?

Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492, to find a faster way to reach Asia. Luckily for us, he got off track and ended up in North America. At this time europe was running low on resources, and had too many people. The discovery of all this new land, and all these new resources really helped Europe's economy.

Turning Points in History - Age of Exploration

What did this effect?

This effected age affected every country in one way or any other. It improved Europe's economy, and earned them a ton of new land! Spain and Portugal also sent explorers, and made an imaginary line so that they both got some land. Also, a new continent was discovered that would one day be a leading superpower of the world.

Essential Question

How have the effects of the age of exploration affect life today?