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Platinum is a silver, shiny, malleable ,and ductile metal. It is a very inactive element. Platinum only reacts with halogens. It does not tarnish or react against water or air. It is mostly used for catalysts which is used in gas, oils, and other petroleum products. It is also commonly known for being used in jewelry because it does not tarnish and it is very hard. Platinum is mostly found in South America, Columbia, the Western United States, and is also found in gold-bearing sands in Ural Mountains. It does not have many important compounds but it is in fluoride compounds, chloride compounds, and bromide compounds. It only has six isotopes; Platinum-190, which is the only platinum isotope which is radioactive, Platinum-192, Platinum-194, Platinum-195, Platinum-196, and Platinum-198. Platinum is not dangerous as a metal, but platinum salts can cause cancer, DNA alterations, hearing and organ damage, and allergic reactions.
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Platinum element
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Platinum Atom
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Platinum Atom Structure


The recent update for the cost of Platinum is $1,417. Platinum is a very rare metal. Unlike Gold, White Gold, and other metals, when it is scratched it barely losses any metal. Platinum has many uses including medicine, car parts, and pacemakers.

Platinum in different chemical forms can be used for anti-cancer drugs. It causes the division of living cells. There has been success using platinum as anti-cancer drugs to stop neck, ovarian, and head cancers. Platinum has been found to be less toxic than other drugs when used to stop growing tumors. Upcoming platinum anti-cancer drugs are found to be able to stop prostate cancer and has a higher survival rate than existing treatments.

Other than medical, the use of platinum in jewelry is very high. Because platinum does not tarnish or react with air or water, it makes platinum very wanted in jewelry. Platinum is a heavy jewelry but it malleable and ductile into very small parts. It is more resistant to wear and tear than Gold, White Gold, and Silver.