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PBL Diving Question

This project allows students to work with a team and build a model of a earthquske proof house

Description of Project

In this project me and my team get to build a model of a house that can survive an earthquake. We did this project in class and worked with classmates. We working on thinking and building our project for 4 days and shake testing it on Friday.

Reflection of PBL Project

This project was really fun to work on with my team. We all got along well and had no trouble or conflict agaist each other. We made a house that was able to survive the shake test and we got a good grade in the end.

Desciption of 30 Hands Project

The 30 Hands Project is an assignment where you do picollages on each type of global warming. Each slide has a desciption of what it is and how it effects our enviorment.

What I Enjoyed the Most about the 30 Hands Project

The thing I enjoyed the most about the thirty hands project was to write about what was happening in our world and that it can effect any living thing badly. Because of this project people might be more aware of the enviorment and how to keep it healthy.

Invention Convention

Enviormental Problem Description

People are using gas to much to ride in cars, buses, plains, boats, and trains. The one that is used most offten is cars. Almost the whole world uses cars to get around to places.

What Our Invention Does to Help the Enviorment

Our invention is a solar and wind powered car. Whenever it is sunny the solar pannels create energy to power up the car. When the sun isn't out, the flags use the wind to create energy for the car which also saves gas.