Parkinson's Disease.

Shaking it up in a hospital near you.

What is Parkinson's Disease?

Parkinson's Disease is a progressive neurological motor system disorder that is marked by a tremor, or shake in the limbs and body. It mostly affects the elderly and the middle-aged, but becomes increasingly severe as the body and brain age.

Symptoms and Characteristics

Parkinson's Disease is marked with a tremor in the limbs and body. This makes life for people affect very difficult as they find trouble in partaking in daily activities. People diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease are commonly over the age of sixty. People with Parkinson's also commonly experience depression and other emotional changes, as well as difficulty swallowing and chewing.


The lives of people affected by this debilitating disorder are beyond difficult. They experience difficulty trying to swallow and chew due to their tremor. They're generally unable to sit still and it can get so bad that they will need to be strapped down to sleep.

However, there is a strong effort to try and increase the quality of life in people affected. For instance, the Swivel Spoon , invented by Phyllis E. Wasson, counteracts the motion of the tremor and allows patients to feed themselves despite their tremor.

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Pope John Paul

A famous person, the pope, with Parkinson's Disease.