Summer News and Updates

Look out here it comes!!!!!



  • Unfortunately, our online enrollment did not work out the way we hoped it would. Parents are still going to have to fill out a paper enrollment form because licensing needs a copy in a file.

  • We will need to start cleaning and organizing our rooms in order to have them packed up for summer.

  • When you pack up your room remember to cover it so people are not able to borrow our things and pack it in a way that you can get to it if you need to get something over the summer.

  • Be thinking now of anything that needs to be taken over to KT or Scott and begin a list.

  • We will move it Friday the 20th unless you all have other plans.

Trainings and Workshops

Important Dates

  • Jill Molli - Wednesday May 4th - 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

  • Science Pioneers Training - Saturday, May 14th - Curriculum Center 8:30am to 12:30 pm

  • Science Pioneers Workshop - They will come to each site on the 26th of May (10:30 - 11:30 @ KT and 12:30 - 1:30 at Scott) Please make sure lunch is done and cleaned up.

  • Joann Sewing Classes - June 28 and 30 - 9:30 to 1:00 (Staff signed up for the first class are: Emily, Marissa, Jen, Carmen, Cody, Dee, Allie.) (Staff signed up for the second class are; Tim, Steph, Molly, Carmen and Molly.)

  • Southland Engineering - We will do a couple of workshops after school with this organization. (Dates to be announced)

  • MMA - I am working with the MMA group to set up an after school session with the kids. (Dates to be announced)

  • Penn Valley Classes - See below

Penn Valley Classes

Class name - 32550/Issues, Advocacy and Trends

  • Class will begin 6/06/16 and will end 7/28/2016

  • Class Time is 6:30 to 9:15

  • I have purchased the class, but you will need to rent the book. It became way too much of a hassle. I looked it up and to rent the book used it is $18.20. (You may want to do this as soon as possible.)

  • It is a Hybrid Class that will meet on Tuesdays and the rest will be online. Below is the email that was sent to me from the school.

  • Email - (The students should make sure they have their log-in information (User ID and password) handy for when classes start.
    Before classes begin, students should :
    visit the PV library to get student id (bring government issued photo id and copy of class schedule {1st one is free}) -PV- Learning Resources Bldg.)
    visit police department to get a parking sticker (free) – PV Campus Center – 1st floor)
    Make sure they park in designated student parking only.

  • Staff signed up for classes: Cody Coovert, Mona Loy, Marissa Gonzales, Allison Deck and Emily Gatschet. (You must complete this course and for some of you it must be completed to continue employment in the Fall.)

  • I have done what I can to get this class and get it paid for. It is up to each of you to follow through with the College to make sure you are ready when class starts.