Final Weekly Update

Mrs. Sacket-Mowers, 6th Grade

Beach Party 2016

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Summer is Here!

I hope you are enjoying your first Monday without sending your child to school!

Here is my last opportunity to thank all of you again. It is amazing what you parents have done in support of your children, this program, and me. Also, thank you for the wonderful class present of a gift card to Spectrum. I look forward to a little shopping fun!

The lost and found collection in my room only had two lunch bags. They were left right outside my class door, and will end up in the school's collection this week. I think I only forgot to hand out one thing--the emergency food kits that you sent in! Let me know immediately if you would like to arrange a hand-off of your child's kit (fortunately they have names). Sorry!

I hope to hear from you and your child in the future—it is so fun to get updates and see (but not totally recognize) former students. I always tell my students they have to just say who they are when they see me in coming years, because they will change so much! They like to say, “Do you remember me?” Of course I will remember them, I just remember them looking the way they did at Promotion!

Have a wonderful summer: relax, read with your child, make him/her do a little Khan Academy math, watch an interesting documentary related to ancient civilizations, or volcanoes, or earthquakes, etc.. Allow your child to get bored, and give him/her the time to figure a way out of it! Basically, get a little tired of your child before the send-off to 7th grade.

What a wonderful, fun, committed, caring group of kids. I'll miss them all.


Stefanie Sacket-Mowers