Spanish Newsletter

Last Week of School (2012-2013)!

What we did this week (and last)...

Greetings Parents/Guardians!

Students wrapped up their first year of Spanish by taking a virtual field trip to Argentina last week. We arrived "safely" in the heart of Buenos Aires (the capital city of Argentina) visited the widest street of the world (a total of 18 lanes wide), we also visited a colorfully painted neighborhood called "El Caminito" and saw professional "Tango" dancers.

After Buenos Aires we went horseback riding in "Las Pampas," which are flat fertile plains ideal for raising beef cattle. We then made our way to "Iguazu Falls" where there are a total of 275 waterfalls and the best way to view all of these falls is by helicopter (of course!)

We finished our trip by heading south to the region of Patagonia where we spent our day with the penguins, hiking, rock climbing, whale watching and many more adventurous activities. What a trip!

Upon our return from Argentina we reviewed for the final exam by practicing our speaking section with fellow classmates. Students also completed practice packets to help prepare for their final exam.

How to keep up your Spanish skills over the summer?

There is nothing like coming back to school after a long relaxing summer break and being fearful of not having remembered your Spanish. Time and time again students return telling me that they don't remember anything from last year. Yikes!

So....I figured it would be a good idea to remind students to keep their skills sharp by practicing over break. Here are a few suggestions to help encourage your child to practice their Spanish skills over the summer.

1) Read a book. I usually have a Spanish novel on the go. It’s an easy, passive way to keep Spanish active in your brain.

2) Subscribe to a Spanish magazine. Getting a magazine such as People en Español delivered to you each month serves as an automated reminder to keep up your Spanish.

3) Change your start page. You can set your the start page on your web browser to a Spanish site. Why not read the latest news from Buenos Aires or Santiago?

4) Help a friend learn Spanish. There’s a good chance you know someone who is learning Spanish. Offer to help them study. Even if they are beginners it will help you keep Spanish at the front of your mind.

5) Listen to Latin music. This has to be the easiest way to keep Spanish words and phrases running through your head.

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And lastly...practice practice practice....!!!!!!