Knollwood Tech Update #2

March 8th, 2014

NCTIES Quick Recap

NCTIES is always an inspiring conference for me. Here are some great things I have learned! [I haven't checked them all on the RSS filter yet, but play around and let me know what you think!] These aren't new, I was just reminded how awesome they are!

  • Have your students create a fake text message conversation between historical figures, book characters, or anyone!
  • Use the Fruit Machine to pick partners or groups. OR, use it to assign vocabulary words or topics to a student for research! If they get something that they don't like, it's not YOUR fault! It's the Fruit Machine's fault!
  • The New York Times posts (every Monday) a picture and asks "What's Going On In This Picture?" (WFOITP?) They give three questions to go along with the picture and encourage teachers to use this as a prompt for student writing. Then, on Tuesday, they tell you what is actually going on in the picture. Many Educators use this as their morning work every Monday to get the kids thinking and writing! They said they come to school SO excited on Monday mornings to see the next picture!! You can even leave a comment and read others to connect with people around the US!
  • Use the FutureMe website to send an email to yourself in the future. Once we have Gaggle, students will have an email! Have your students set goals and send an email to themselves in the future (a week, a month) to see if they met those goals!

I have SO much more to share! Looking forward to stopping by your grade level meetings this week!

CAUGHT! [using technology!]

Don't Miss These!

Educreations & Blooms

A lot of you got intrigued by EduCreations from last week's newsletter. Check out this website about how EduCreations can be used at ALL levels of Bloom's! SO COOL!

Dr. Moody's Tweets

02/21 @lynn_moody Running the wrong race? Change or go out business.

02/20 - @lynn_moody RSS Staff - let's do all try pick one thing to do better today than we did yesterday -- Relentless Advancement!

02/17 - @lynn_moody "@edutopia: The 3 E's of Literacy: Strategies of Reading: #litchat #langchat #3example - Model what we expect!

Think About It ...

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Don't be scared to try something new!!! If you find something fun, play with it and then let the kids play with it! Or, check in with me and I'll come in and play with it with your kids!

At my last TF meeting, Dr. Moody walked in and said "Remind your teachers to let the kids be the expert in the classroom for technology. Teachers are the curriculum, behavior, classroom experts ... let the kids be the technology expert!"