Focus of the Week: CONNECTIONS

How is this connected to anything else?

There are so many talents and strengths within 1 community such as VSAA. How can we connect as a community of practice to share and reflect on successes with students, expression, creativity and achievement? What part does student-ownership and motivation play in the development of GRIT? How can a tool like the iPad be used as an extension of self and thinking? Sometimes a question produces more questions! :)

My Schedule this Week

I will be helping to deploy the iPads to all middle schools and high schools with the team over the next week and a half.

I will be back to a normal schedule and in-building on 9/22. Until then, I will be stopping in when I can. Please e-mail me if you have ANY questions or great share-outs for our next issue!

IN NEXT WEEK's ISSUE: Canvas update!!