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Juan Ponce de Leon

First Governor of Puerto Rico

Juan Ponce de Leon was the first governor of Puerto Rico, by appointment of te Spanish crown. Leon was born in 1474 and died on July 1521. Leon founded the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico while in a quest for gold.

Leon's Route

As Leon was on his search for gold he traveled from Puerto Rico to Florida then headed to Cuba and turned around to Puerto Rico on his search.
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My Great Voyage

Dear Pablo,

My experince and jouney through the altlnatic led me to this place, this beautiful island, Puerto Rico. All of my efforts were a success i faced many challenges since the Spanish crown sent me here to search for gold. As for everything I have accomplished its a true honor, I to be named, Juan Ponce de Leon, governor of Puerto Rico.

True it is that i am not the first person to seet foot here, therre are natives who lve in this land. They are primative but dangerous, but like them there were even other natives who dewelled here, but these were cannibalists, the fear of being ripped and eaten apart while my soldiers slept terified them.

A greater threat to our expedition was the might of the Caribbean Sea, I lost many men fighting the awesome storms on our way to Puerto Rico. As we thought there was gold and we began digging and opened up more goldmines. We didnt just find gold Pablo, we found something just as beuatiful and valuable, we found a place to settle for our own and for man more to come.

My love and passion for exploration began through my cousin Christopher, I returned with him on his second expedition to the Americas, due to a disagreement I did not return home but remained in Santo Domingo where I contracted a disease which caused the loss of my right hand. I was forced to learn to type all over again with my left.

On my travels I learned of a so called Fountain of Youth, as I searched i came across a beach and set sail ahead this was what now is Florida and claimed it for Spain, I also accidently came across the gulf stream which became very useful because of its strong current. This will be very important in the future for sailing purposes.

I wish I could tell you everything about my voyage Pablo, but it symply cannot be. You see I took the risk of attempting to begin a settlement in Florida but the natives there did not welcome me with open arms, in a battle I was struck by an arrow, the would has made me very ill, I fear I dont have much longer so I write to you one last time my dear friend.

Your friend,


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