Southeast Region

Southeast,best region in the U.S.A!

States of Southeast and why Southeast is better than other regions

Southeast is southeast of the United States. The states in the southeast are Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Southeast is better than other regions because southeast has Disney World, Everglades, and many other amazing things. Also the other regions are too cold or too hot, but Southeast is just right! One more thing in Southeast you can go to the beach at 7:00 and it would still be magnificent.

Climate and location

Southeast is located west of the Atlantic Ocean. It is 35.0000 degrees north and 5.3000 degrees west. The climate in the Southeast is hot, humid, rainy, and moist.

Some Of Our Top Attractions

Five intresting facts about Southeast

Intresting Facts

One interesting fact is Southeast has different land forms. The land forms are plains, mountains, plateau, and rivers. Also Southeast has Universal Studios. It is a fabulous place to go. It has exciting rides and much more. It is located in Orlando, Florida.