Broadcast News Analysts

Carson James Coffield

Basic Job Description

Broadcast news analysts analyze, interpret, and report news received from various sources. They may work in television or radio.

Education, training, licensing required

Related programs of study:

  • Journalism
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Radio and Television
  • Political Communication
Though it is not required, over 75% of analysts have at least a Bachelor's degree.

Day-to-Day work activities

  • Use interviewing procedures
  • Meeting strict deadlines
  • Work with a group or a team

Working Conditions

  • Frequent contact with others
  • Working indoors in environmentally controlled conditions


Median in Minnesota: $23.52

Median in the U.S.: $26.99

High in the U.S.: $83.04

Current Employment & Outlook

  • 8% growth rate annually
  • 6,600 employed in 2010
  • (estimated) 7,200 in 2020


Advantages: Highly paid job, something I am interested in, does not involve manual labor

Disadvantages: Work with people you might disagree with, doing the same thing every day

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