Registered Nurse

Jessica Pulliam

Job Description

A registered nurse promotes and restores the health of a patient that is weak in health. The duties to a(n) RN is to care for their patient. Identify the patients health requirements as they are listed on their chart. The medication that the patients is assigned to take will have to be given to him/her from their RN. If the patient shall have a problem it is the RNs duty to resolve the confusion. Must maintain a clean and neat working environment for you and your patient throughout the job. Have the ability to work with patients of all ages.

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Educational Requirements

RN educational requirements range from a diploma to a bachelor's degree. Diploma programs are offered at many hospitals and typically take up to 3 years to complete. Associates degree in nursing are offered at community colleges and take up to two to three years achieve.

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Colleges for RN Graduates

Rockingham Community College


Danville Community College

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Salary Range

Hourly Rate $20.80 - $38.52

Overtime $14.27 - $57.83

Yearly Rate $43,403 - $83,171

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Expected Growth or Need for the Career Choice

This job would be a great fit for me. I am always wanting to find ways to help others. Becoming an RN would make me feel better about myself knowing that I helped someone that could not do their daily tasks. The feeling of caring for someone would make me the happiest person. This job will mean a whole lot to me and I will take it seriously. When picking out a job that I think I would be good at this one fits me.
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