Friday "ROAR"

Killian STEAM Leader's Academy- Friday, December 11, 2015

Our Vision and Mission


To prepare our students to become responsible 21st Century leaders and citizens in a global society.


Killian Elementary School, with the support of its parents and community, dedicates itself to providing an innovative curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment that will prepare students to be productive citizens in a global society.

Leader in Me- Put First Things First

Use this link for a lesson this week:

"ONLY as high as I reach can I GROW, only as far as I SEEK can I go, only as deep as I LOOK can I SEE, only as much as I DREAM can I BE." - Karen Raun

Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting Ideas:

for older students:

for incorporating ELA into Morning Meeting:

For getting students ready for the new “big idea” in your classroom:

Big World Recess!

Thank you all for a great experience. The students really seemed to enjoy this fundraiser. Thank you for all that you did to make it possible.

Gentle Reminders!

As we prepare to go into Winter Break, let us remember these schoolwide expectations.

- Lesson plans are to be submitted to the Killian Shared Folder no later than 7:30 on Monday morning.

- When the weather is nice, please make sure you and your students are going to recess. You need the fresh air and so do they!

- Weekly Progress Reports should be going home every week. If you need more, they can be found in the front office.

- Please remember to check your email at least twice per day.

Service Solutions Needs Your Help

Teachers, please revisit restroom expectations with your students. We are finding that students are misusing the facilities. Please establish a restroom monitor who will be responsible for checking the restroom after each use. They should report any violations to you so that we can pinpoint and rectify the situation. Thank you for your help in this matter.
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Techie of the Week!

This week's Techie of the Week is Ms. Geddings! Her 4th grade classes have entered her Google Classroom and used Google Draw for their Engineering Sketches. Looking forward to see samples of their Google documents and even their WeVideos on twitter in the future so that all can see ;-) Mrs. Porter has not published her Resources page as she is continuing to add to it. Here is the link to view what has been added so far.

A Word from your Technology Learning Coach!

As Mrs. Porter transitions to Maternity Leave, please keep the following points in mind.

-While she is out please contact Mr. Frazier for temporary checkout devices for teachers only.

Temporary Device Checkout By submitting your information in the link.

- Contact Mrs. Gore for Classworks and Mastery Connect

- Contact Mrs. Linda Brown for student devices, work order issues and website information.

- Our technician is currently Jason Demeter.

Winter MAP Testing

Second grade students will participate in Winter MAP testing in January. The majority of students in grades 3-5 will not take the Winter MAP test. Instead, they will take a grade level, standards based common assessment. Only those students in grade 3-5 who fell below the 25 percentile will take the WInter MAP test. Teachers will receive a list of their students who fall in this category. More information will follow.

A Closer Look

Guidance Rotation Week

Monday, Dec. 14

Book Fair

PTO General Meeting- Winter Program 6:00-7:00 pm

Tuesday, Dec. 15

Book Fair

Wednesday, Dec. 16

STEAM Advisory Team Meeting 3:30-4:30 pm

Thursday, Dec. 17

$5.00 Boxed Jewelry Set Sale

KIT Team 12:30-2:30

Friday, Dec. 18

Winter Music Program

Looking Ahead

Monday, Dec. 21- Friday, Jan. 1- Winter Break!