My Internship

at Tri-County Orthopedics by Justin Cheek

1&2 Rate your overall internship experience: Excellent,Good,Fair,Poor. Explain.

My internship experience was excellent. There are many reasons why it was so great but I believe the #1 reason was because of the people I had to work with and to teach me.

5 What specific courses have you taken in high school that helped you during your internship?

At the same time as my internship I have been taking Health science 1. It helped a lot with knowing which bones and muscles I was dealing with while helping a patient. Also with why not only one but many areas may hurt or be sore and knowing how they are connected.

6.What technology (computers, machines, equipment, etc.) were you exposed to during the internship?

The technology I used was computers to keep record of patients exercises and progress. I also used ultrasound and electrical stimulation with help with pain and just to make the patient feel good and have less pain

11. In what areas do you need improvement to be a success in this career field?

I think the thing I need the most improvement on is knowing more of the muscles and bones, how they work, and what muscles work together to help different movements.

14. What suggestions do you have for future interns at your internship site?

If anyone is considering this internship I would say sign up you wont regret it but learn quick when folding towels and pillow cases.