To Kill a Mockingbird Smore Project

by Destiny and Matthew


Preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.


Preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.


When I hear this word I feel as though I can’t really say anything because when you you hear the word you are associated with being hateful against people's race, orientation, etc. Like you can’t make a comment on prejudice because then you can come off as prejudice to someone else, like you are walking on eggshells. It's weird because you shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells with words.


When you usually hear the word you think of Awfully rude people. That are judgemental and stuck-up. You also think of other words associated with it like, Closed-minded, bad opinion, dislike, sexism, racism, etc.


This concept means to me that you are a closed-minded one sided person who only thinks of one thing being the right thing and feeling you have to put down someone else for there differences from you.

In To Kill A Mockingbird

In To Kill A Mockingbird the meaning of the word is to be rude to another person that is different from you or have an opinion that is one-sided. Like how the boy in Scouts class is a prejudice against Scouts father because of what he's heard from his father.

In Today's Society

In today society many people are prejudice in one way or another because of what they hear on the news about a certain type of person or what their parents tell them. Its easier to be prejudice and to share it with other because of social media< you can always hide your identity or even make it known.
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This Picture represents people shutting another out because they are different. They are In a group and won't let him in or give him a chance.


The ability to do something that frightens one.


The ability to do something that frightens one.


When I hear this word I feel that I can do anything and everything, or the person that the word is associated with can do anything and everything. I feel like a superhero is near when I hear this word.


I associate the Wizard of Oz and Gryffindor's with the word. Anything having to do with a person pushing themselves to do something they never would have though of doing before.


The concept of this word to me is that you can do anything you possibly can. May it be good or bad

In To Kill A Mocking Bird

It was A big deal for Calpurnia to bring the kids to church, as the church for black people back then was a big deal and something that they valued very much. And the fact that Calpurnia had the courage to bring white kids to church says a lot about her mindset.

In Todays Society

In todays society everybody does what everybody else does, courage today is not blending in with the crowd. Courage today is taking the unconventional path, its doing something that the average person wouldn't do, like taking white kids to a black church.


Lack of fairness or justice.


Something being done to someone or something, that is not right, lawful, or fair.


A group of people organized for a joint purpose.

Injustice in To Kill A Mocking Bird

Injustice in to Kill A Mocking Bird presents its self as an unfair trail for Tom Robinson. "The jury couldn't possibly be expected to take Tom Robinson's word against the Ewells." (Chapter 9)

In Our Society

Injustice in our society looks like, Muslims who are ascociated with ISIS but infact have none.