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The Generation of Stars

The leader of the next generation of great NFL Quarterbacks is not Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III or Colin Kaepernick. Philadelphia’s Nick Foles will lead the way for the premier young QB’s in the league. Three Quarterbacks named were all drafted before Nick Foles and already have respectable resumes to go with their starter status. Two of these Quarterbacks have already seen Super Bowl action with one winning the big game while all have playoff experience. Many would deem the notion that Foles is the best among this group farfetched and ridiculous. Foles also has the least amount of NFL experience but still will be the best.
The other four Quarterbacks possess outstanding potential along with Foles but Foles lacks the mobility they all have, not that having mobility determines what kind of QB you will be, but it helps regardless. Foles holds the height advantage at a lengthy 6’6, height plays a pivotal role in a Quarterback’s performance because he must be able to see over his offense line to determine who is open downfield.
Quarterback speed can also hurt his team as it is more likely that he will get sacked. The reason mobile Quarterbacks get sacked more often is because they move around and outside the pocket more often than slower QB’s so their O-line do not know where he is but defensive play do so it’s to break away from the O-line. Refuters will not have to look farther than Philadelphia’s Michael Vick. Vick was blessed with one of the best offensive lines in the 2010-2011 seasons but yet he got sacked a combined 57 times. In a similar span Peyton Manning, one of the least mobile QB’s in the league got sacked 30 times. Moving onto the facts. Nick Foles has been given one of the best receiving tandems in the NFL along with the league’s best, and leading rusher, LeSean McCoy. DeSean Jackson was in the top 10 in receiving yards with over 1300 yards over the full season. Jeremy Maclin poses a big question mark as he is coming off another ACL tear to the same leg, he also has not lived up to his first round pick status, but reports from Bleacher Report say he will be healthy by July and he looks to be a great fit for the Chip Kelly offense. Riley Cooper is also an interesting point as he had a breakout year in 2013 with about 850 receiving yards and 8 touchdowns.
Cooper continues to be a conundrum because he has outstanding chemistry with QB Nick Foles. Many of Cooper’s yards and touchdowns came in from long vertical routes, he has trouble getting open in the short passing game, something that Maclin strives in. That point could be the difference between who becomes the number 2 or 3 receiver or the team. Having an elite RB like LeSean McCoy on the team opens up a lot of pathways Chip Kelly and Nick Foles can go to on any given play. Instead of going into detail on that it is simpler to say having McCoy makes the team much more unique and allows them to try different things.
Outside of the three receivers and McCoy the Eagles and Foles have arguably the best offensive line in football and great depth at the TE, WR, and RB positions. Brent Celek continue to be one of the most consistent tight ends in football as he was a stud when blocking but his receiving numbers were down because of the emergence of his eventual successor Zach Ertz. Behind McCoy the Eagles have two solid backups in Bryce Brown and Chris Polk, they both got limited playing time because McCoy got a lot of snaps and was utilized too much. Finally, behind Jackson, Maclin, and Cooper Philly has Arrelious Benn who is coming off an ACL tear, Damaris Johnson who may see some slot action, and Jeff Maehl, an Oregon Duck players who went undrafted and went to Eagles, because of Chip Kelly, obviously. Depth at WR is thin because those three guys are young and unproven players so in case of lack of production or injury look for Howie Roseman to get Nick Foles another weapon like Hakeem Nicks, Mike Evans, or Kelvin Benjamin.
Nick Foles has everything he needs to be the best, it is just a matter of him meshing it all together (which he has partially proven) to become the best. His offensive line will continue to be great for at least the next couples years because everyone is under contract. McCoy provides an element that makes the offense unique, as he can move the defensive line and the linebackers away from Foles on a play action pass. For the near future Brent Celek will not only be an average catching tight end, but one of the best blocking TE’s in the league so he basically gives the O-line six blockers instead of five. Ertz will be the dominant receiving TE who will continue to rise. The depth at WR could be better but so long as the starting three produce and remain healthy Foles will not have a problem getting to the ball to them.
Now, think about these two questions: 1. With every that has brought to your attention how will it be possible for Foles to underachieve with weapons that can all do a variety of things? and 2. Where is there an actual flaw in the Eagles’ offense that will be detrimental to them winning a super bowl?
To the next point of discussion, the Chip Kelly offense. Many people believe the Chip Kelly offense calls for a mobile Quarterback, which is why many believed Michael Vick would flourish in the system. That is why people think Johnny Manziel and Marcus Mariota will suit up in an Eagles’ uniform sometime in the next few years. Anyway, Nick Foles is not a mobile Quarterback, which is why many believed he would be a failure. But the Chip Kelly offense plays to many of Nick Foles’ strengths. Foles is great at two things, getting the ball out to the receiver quickly after the snap, and not turning over the ball. Two things Chip Kelly emphasis’ to a major degree. Kelly’s offense also involves a lot of screen passes and unique blocking schemes. Having a tall, 6’6 Quarterback like Foles’ allows plays to develop, with a tall QB it is easier to see the plays develop and make a decision whereas a short QB won’t be able to see of his linemen as easily and may make bad decisions.
Many believe Kelly’s offense needs a fast QB to flourish. That is not the case. Speed is just one of the many aspects of the Kelly offense that requires many things. The entire team must be quick to get to the line of scrimmage after every play to keep pace with how the offense works. Quick decisions must be made, and turnovers are not an option, these happen to be things Nick Foles is adept at.
History plays a role that will benefit Nick Foles in becoming the best Quarterback of his generation. Tom Brady is similar to Nick Foles in many ways. He did not get his shot until his second year but ended up leading the Patriots to a super bowl victory. Brady also had a coach with the potential to be the best ever in Bill Belichick as Nick Foles has a coach who can end up being one of the best ever in Chip Kelly. The players and personal are very different but Brady and Foles share many qualities, they are not fast but stay calm and poised in the pocket. They both can take hit, but they get ball out quick and both have nice power.
Cowboy’s Quarterback Tony Romo also is similar to Foles as he had to work his way up the depth chart to win the job. Romo went undrafted but was picked up by the Cowboys as a free agent. Romo has consistent numbers every year and is not a running QB like Foles. He also has a strong arm and good accuracy, but takes slightly long to get rid of the ball.
The moral here is that when you stay in your O-line pocket, have good accuracy and get the ball out quick you are bound to be a good QB. Now, other Quarterback’s of Foles’ generation do the same thing but they are not as good at it as Foles is and they run around the field, thus confusing their offensive line of his whereabouts which can cause unnecessary sacks.
Nick Foles has the opportunity to be the next Quarterback of the NFL because he is the greatest position to succeed. He has all the support from his teammates on offense and he has a very underrated defense that can keep points off the board while Foles gets the points on the scoreboard. Other young QB’s like Luck, Griffin and Wilson do not have what Foles has, with the partial exception of Wilson who has a great defense and a great RB on his team. As long as Foles limits his mistakes and plays to the strengths his team has given him he should have no problem being the best of his generation.

The Double Standard of Video Games

The idea that child can play adult games regularly but adults can not play kids games without looking odd appalls me. All the evidence is there, when an adult plays a child’s game it is primarily for a nostalgia feeling, when a child plays an adult game they are subjected to material that is not appropriate for them and can change the way they behave.
Many instances have occurred where when a parent decides enough is enough and take the inappropriate game away from the child the child becomes violent with them. This occurs because the child becomes so enticed and attached to the violent game that they erupt and go into a violent rage. Violence can be considered an understatement in some instances because the child, in rare cases, will attempt and possibly succeed in killing the parent.
An instance of this magnitude should give parents nationwide a hint that these games impact kids that play them and can send them into a psychopathic rage. At the same time this may not pertain to adult games but any game that is taken from them, but the common factor in this murder cases is Call of Duty; a popular shooting game. Every time a child kills a parent for taking away a game the game is almost always Call of Duty.
Arguers maybe reply to this piece by saying that the child is born this way and the child growing up to be a killer was inevitable, video game or not. Or that it is not just Call of Duty that is making them violent, it is a series of other games that influence them to become killers.
In reply to those claims I would argue that studies have shown that 80% of who we become comes at birth, but the other 20% comes from the environment we’re put in. 80% is a rather substantial number that solidifies the opposite argument, but 20% is also a substantial number. The environment the child is put in does pertain to what they see and what they play i.e. Call of Duty, so killing AI’s time after time can give the kid the assumption that killing is okay. This is why the child killed, if they weren’t exposed to Call of Duty at such a young age then their violent tendencies what have never formed thus, saving the lives of several parents.
Moving on, what they see in other games can impact their personality but not to the magnitude that Call of Duty does, whose main objective throughout the game is, coincidently enough, to kill. In a study recorded by the Palo Alto medical foundation it was found that teens who play violent video games tend to be more aggressive, be more confrontational with teachers, may engage in fights, and see a decline in personal achievements. Teachers and Parents alike should raise red flags when reading these points. The traits can progress and can lead to a very unstable person whose personality was warped because they played a video game.
About a year ago a young man by the name of Noah Crooks killed his mother because she took his Call of Duty game away because of failing grades. Child psychologists who chimed in on the situation said that young Nathan could have suffered from a tumor of rage that could have rendered Nathan a psychopath at the time of the slaying. Also, another child psychologist will testify Nathan suffers from a mental disease called intermittent explosive disorder that gives the sufferer episodes of impulsive, aggressive or violent behavior.
The bottom line here is that video games, especially violent titles, can cause children who are not mature enough for it to have violent tendencies.

Letter to the editor #1

Good afternoon, Mrs. Reihani
I read your article on your opinion of cell phones and I can’t seem to get myself to agree with your claim. You recognize the other side of the argument and the argument is so strong against you that it hurts and ultimately beats your claim. Cells phones are not luxury, they are priced well for most households to steadily afford, yet you write jibber-jabber how prices are deceiving and pay for hidden fees. Let me tell you, there is nothing hidden about going over your data limit and getting feed another $15 on your bill, or going over your set limit for minutes and getting charged 20 cents for every minute afterwards. Then you go on to say cell phones are distracting devices in libraries and movie theaters. You assume all people with cell phones are obnoxious and rude, well let me tell you that only the most clueless and unintelligent people are the violators of movie theater rules. Cell phones may not be a hot commodity to you because you see to think they’re useless. But, cell phones over the years have allowed people to make instant contact with the police, firefighters, hospitals, etc. If someone is kidnapped how are they going to call the police from a payphone while in a trunk, answer: they can’t. With a cell phone they can call the police and alert them, have the police track the call then come after the kidnappers, possibly saving a life.
Good day, Ryan Chinni
Quakertown Pennsylvania 18951

Letter to the editor #2

Legalize it: Stephen Day
Hello Mr. Day
I can say with confidence that i agree with your topic nearly 100%. The information provided throughout the piece was very informative and made much sense. The information, however, did not include the cons to using marijuana as a recreational drug. The editorial did mention how it can be a gateway drug but did not mention how it can change the user’s perception which can cause situations. By situations a mean if the user is driving he/she can very easily get into a car accident, maybe not to the degree of a drunk driver, but nevertheless the situation does present itself well. Other than that, hemp does pose much of a problem, it can reduce deforestation which can ultimately save earth, and the revenue the US can get from selling can be enough to get us out of debt. Finally, marijuana can also have it’s benefits it helps fight cancer but doesn’t necessarily prevent it, but ultimately the pros outweigh the cons.
Ryan Chinni
Quakertown, Pennsylvania