Chapter 8 : No One Is Safe

Tegann Anderson

Malala's P.O.V

In chapter 8, Benazir Bhutto , a famous female terrorist protester came to Pakistan and protested. The Taliban killed her because of that and killing women was prohibited by the Pashtunwali code. Malala felt that nobody was safe and she felt afraid,

My P.O.V

Chapter 8 in my opinion was shocking and was in turmoil. I wouldn't have thought the Taliban would have killed Benazir because it was prohibited by the Pashtunwali code. That told me that the Taliban would stop at nothing to have everything their way and have everyone under their order.

Why I felt this way ?

I felt that chapter 8 was shocking because the Taliban killed a woman. That was prohibited . And that showed me that they were getting stronger and stronger. I said it was in turmoil because the killing of Benazir Bhutto was disturbing and it confused the people of swat.