Southwest Valley Espanol

Don't worry... It will be fun!

Take Spanish class. It is the best there is!

Hola! Sure all of the activities that are available at Southwest Valley are so fun, but isn't it so cool that they offer Spanish as an elective? You can take Spanish sixth-eighth grade here! You don't just learn about how to speak Spanish, but you get to experience the culture and lifestyle that goes along with Spanish.

When you can take Spanish.

You are allowed to take Spanish class everyday for one quarter. Spanish can be taken either 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quarter. The class usually starts off the day if you are a seventh grader. Followed by eighth grade for second period. Sixth grade will take the last Spanish class of the day during third period. Get this too, Spanish is forty-eight minutes long just like regular class periods! The best part is you get to see many of your friends who might also take Spanish the same quarter!

Meet the Spanish profesor, Mr. Mahn!

Where to find the Spanish aula.

The Spanish room is located in room 206. You can find that room located next to Mrs. Kernen's classroom. It is located by the eighth grade lockers. If you are unable to locate this room, I am sure one of our wonderful teachers will help you find it! They are excelente!

Guaranteed to learn so many new things... Like the ALPHABETO!

▶ Spanish alphabet song

How espanol can help you in the future.

Spanish is a course that you should take in high school. Taking part in Spanish during junior high can get you a major head start! If you start now it will better yourself for the years too come. Some jobs require you to know a second language. That other language could be Spanish. Who knows, you might even like it more than English!

During Spanish class you get to express your knowledge on your very own cartel!

You might even get to show off your cooking skills making a homemade Spanish breakfast!


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For more information on Spanish email Mr. Mahn at or call Southwest Valley Middle School at 712-826-2552.