The Future of an Egg Hunter

By: Hunter Eggebraaten

My Characteristics expressed in Color

Some of my interests


1. Visual Arts

2. Designs/Pre-construction

3. Support Services

4. Manufacturing Production

5. Biotechnology and Developement

Skills Results

  1. Support Services

  2. Emergency and fire management services

  3. Therapeutic

  4. Info. Support

  5. Early childhood develop.

Work Values

1. Prestige

2. Innovate

3. Income

4. Accomplishments

5. Work place

I do have some common sense

I am a little bit more of a right brain person. That means that I am mainly about creativity and being fun and active. But I still have a little left brain in me, and that practicaly means that I do have a logical side.

High School..... Challenge Accepted

Freshman: Plan your four-year graduation plan. Take the most rigorous classes available to improve college admission possibilities. Begin to volunteer within the Bentonville community

Sophmore: Visit the Career Center to learn more about different universities and career. Consider participating in clubs/activities. Maintain good grades

College is the way I want it!!!

Hendrix is where Im going.

Info. :

My career ends up to be Zoologist and WIldlife Biologist.